Your roof plays an extremely important role when it comes to protecting your home from the elements. Its main job is to shield the rest of your home from rain, snow, UV rays, wind, hail, and much more. This constant exposure to the elements eventually will cause your roofing material to wear out. When this happens, you should look into replacing your roof before the wear gets to the point that your material begins to breakdown and your home is exposed to potential damage. 

Considering the importance of having a quality roof installed properly on your home, putting the time and effort into hiring a professional, reputable rooferto complete your roof replacement project is just as important. By asking potential roofing contractors key questions before signing any agreement, you can better make a confident, informed decision on who you will have complete the project.

Here we outline five questions to ask your roofer before you hire them:

1. Will the Roofer Remove the Old Roof?

In most cases the answer will be a simple yes, however, we have heard stories of inexperienced roofers that were looking to save time by shingling over the old roof. The problem with this practice is that the old, worn material will continue to deteriorate under the new shingles compromising the integrity of your new roof. As well, the roofing contractors are not able to inspect the sheathing or underlayment for signs of water leakage, rot, etc. Catching and fixing these issues early will prevent potential damage and costly repairs in the future. An experienced roofer will remove your old roof before installing the new one.

2. Will the Roofer Install Drip Edges?

Drip edges help to direct any water runoff into the eavestroughs. It is usually installed under shingles where they come off the roof. Failure to install drip or metal edge can result in costly water damage repairs later on, as water will damage the fascia, soffits, and decking. Do not assume that the roofer will install the metal edge, ask the roofer to be sure.

3. How Many Nails Will Be Used Per Shingle?

The standard number of nails per shingle should be at least four. In some cases, your roof will need six nails per shingle, if it has a steep slope or if you are located in a high-wind location. Also, ask the roof how the nails will be installed? Will the nails be installed on the shingles nail lines? These questions are crucial because any failure can void the warranty on your roofing material.

4. Will the Old Flashings Be Re-Used or a New One Installed?

Most professional roofers suggest that your old flashing should be replaced when you replace your roof. If your flashing is in good condition, you may choose to forgo the changeover to save on the project costs, but be warned that this could lead to potential issues within several years. 

5. How Will the Roofer Leave Your Home Each Day?

Depending on the size of your home and the size of the roofing companies crew, it can take several days to replace your entire roof. It is not advised that the roofer remove the entire roof at once, the removal process should be gradual, and according to the areas that can be replaced each day. This limits any potential damage to your home as it would be exposed to water damage. As well, the roofing team should not leave your home before ensuring that the area around your property is clear of any old nails and shingles.